At Happy People Coffee Company, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality loose leaf teas available. We offer over 36 different coffees to make sure you get the tea that is best for you - the tea that you want that is fresh, perfect & delivered to ensure you receive the best tea possible.

Happy Time Tea

Happy People Coffee Company sources coffee from 20 different countries on 5 continents to provide the widest variety of tea available while creating the greatest impact to possessively effect communities around the world.. We try to source organic teas to ensure that we have the best possible practices for improving our environment and the communities within our world - creating a Happy Planet and Happy Communities.

Happy Time Tea comes in a wide variety of teas - black tea, white tea, green tea , herbal tea and chai - to make sure that whether you're looking for a nice tisane, homeopathic tea or just a nice herbal nighttime tea or breakfast tea, we have whatever will make you happy.

Feel free to check out all the different offerings that we have and if you have any questions about the right tea to buy, feel free to contact us at the roaster and we'll help you find the coffee that would make the best tea for You.