At Happy People Coffee Company, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality coffees available. We offer over 50 different coffees the make sure you get the coffee that is best for you - the coffee that you want, roasted daily and delivered to ensure you receive the freshest coffee possible.

Coffee wall

Happy People Coffee Company sources coffee from 9 different countries on 5 different continents to provide the widest variety of coffee available while creating the greatest impact to possessively effect communities around the world. The majority of our sourced beans are organic and fair trade and we purchase shade grown wherever we can. This ensures that we have the best possible practices for improving our environment and the communities within our world - creating a Happy Planet and Happy Communities.

We roast in house daily to ensure the highest level of freshness to make sure you receive the best possible product to your doorstep. We roast in 7 different roast levels, from half city through Italian, so that you receive the perfect coffee for your taste. You see, it is not our job to create only a few coffees to dictate which coffee you drink; it is our job to ensure that, no matter what you prefer, we have the right coffee - for You. There are over 52 coffees available so try as many as you like.

Feel free to check out all the different offerings that we have and if you have any questions about the right coffee to buy, feel free to contact us at the roaster and we'll help you find the coffee that would make the best coffee for You.