About Us

At happy people coffee we like to be playful and fun. But we're VERY SERIOUS about our COFFEE. And while our logo may seem a little whimsical, every smiley face in our logo represents a specific value that is an integral part of our brand, who we are and what we believe. So why are we such happy people?
Happy People


At our core, we are Happy People; and it is our first directive to be, make, create, promote and foster happy people everywhere. We believe that it isn't our job to tell you what type of coffe you should drink. Everyone likes their coffee a different way. Some like it dark, some like it light. Some like coffee black and some like coffee with cream, or sugar, or in a latte. At Happy People Coffee, we provide a huge selection of the finest coffee beans from around the world and roast to over 6 different roast levels so everyone can find that one coffee that makes them Happy People! Drink Coffee - Be Happy!
Orange Smiley


Children are our greatest resource! There can be nothing more rewarding than to create and promote Happy Kids the world over. That is why at Happy People Coffee we do what ever we can to help kids be happy and safe and to promote positive growth and opportunity. Our Angel Tree Blend Coffee donates a portion of the proceeds to CASA - Court Appointed Special Advocates - to help combat child abuse. Our Happy Kids Cocoa is made in house and a portion of all the sales from any of our products that use Happy Kids Cocoa, whether it is a bag of cocoa to take home or just a mocha to enjoy on Sunday, is donated to the No Kid Hungry Project to provide free breakfast and lunch for kids in need. In our store we have a playroom with books and toys to keep the kids happy and engaged. And maybe help Mom and Dad enjoy an uninterrupted cup of luxurious coffee. Happy Kids Cocoa - for the Happy Kid in all of us!
Green smiley


Good nutrition and fine food are an integral part of keeping everyone happy. That's why at Happy People Coffee, we create all of our fine food in house with a focus on good nutrition and amazing flavor. From our Espresso Rubbed Roast beef that is roasted in house, to our signature pico de gallo everything is made by us, right here. We even make salad dressings that use fresh juices and pulps to make it more nutritious and filled with fresh flavors. We use the finest and freshest products available and a wide range of international flavors that pair beautifully with our wide range of coffees and teas for the perfect dining experience. Happy People have Happy Tummies!
Red Smiley


We would all have a difficult time being Happy People without the unending support and care of our own communities. And at Happy People Coffee, we are no different. That is why we do everything to foster Happy Communities at home in Paris, KY and abroad. We work very hard to purchase only the finest Fair Trade beans wherever we can find them. These beans come from co-ops the world over that guarantee a fair price be paid directly to the farmers that provide those beans. And in turn, that fair price goes toward providing those communities with healthcare clinics to schools to help promote health and prosperity in countries from Guatemala to Colombia to Ethiopia and more.
Earth Smiley


Hey, coffee is a plant! So a Happy Planet means Happy Coffee means Happy People. So at Happy People Coffee, we continue to strive to do everything we can to reduce our carbon footprint and promote a Happy Planet. We try to source Organic Coffees wherever we can find them. Our Shade Grown Coffees help provide safe havens for a multitude of bird species throughout the world. All of our to go cups, lids, straws and even silverware is compostable. We recycle and compost whatever we can in our store and it is our final goal to continue to strive to become a zero waste facility. As a food production facility, that's a pretty tall order, but we will continue to try new ways to help make a Happy Planet. As we grow, we hope to be able to implement, renewable energy, smoke elimination systems on our roasters, water recycling systems and even composting solutions for the local garden club. Please join us in doing everything we can to promote a Happy Planet.
Together Yin Yan


We source our coffees and teas from nearly every other continent on this Happy Planet of ours except our own. So it takes an incredibly diverse and colorful global community to provide us with the products that are central to who we are. So at Happy People Coffee, we do everything we can to promote and celebrate diversity in all things. From the varied international flavors in our food, to the wonderful selection of teas, to the Happy, inclusive attitudes that we take toward all people of the world, Happy People Coffee loves and cherishes the diverse cultures and communities throughout our own hometown and all over the world. After all, diversity is what makes life interesting and happy. It is our fervent hope that by promoting diversity in all things, we can help spread love, acceptance and happiness the world over. And maybe, some wonderful coffee too. Spread the Love. Spread the Joy. Be Happy Together.