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2 different coffees rotating daily. 3 ice teas. 30 + hot tea selections, chai & dirty chai, 20+ flavors, 3 different espressos including blonde espresso, ice cream drinks, smoothies, dairy and non-dairy options. Happy People Coffee has more options of mouth watering, high octane drinks for the coffee lover and tea lover alike, that we can not list them all here. Suffice it to say that if you want it and it will make you happy, we have what you're looking for! And it'll be the best you've ever tasted!


Our restaurant is built on the same idea as the coffee roaster. Everything is made with incredible attention to detail, with quality and freshness as the stars of the show. We have an incredible menu that borrows flavors from all over the world that compliment the coffees and teas we offer so that your experience in our shop is the happiest experience it can be. Visit us for breakfast, lunch or dinner and we'll do everything we can to make you happy. Service is our greatest resource and we have it in abundance.